Some testing tools

Data Base Tester:

Test data generator is a simple, powerful and fully customizable utility that generates data, tables (views, procedures etc) for database testing (performance testing, QA testing, load testing or usability testing) purposes.”

Key features

  • Nine ways to fill in the fields.
  • The product resolves all master-detail relationships automatically.
  • Values Library makes your test data more realistic.
  • Create test tables, views and procedures as well as database rows.
  • Scramble and Update data generation modes.
  • High performance: generator inserts about 8550 test data rows per second (for 5,000,000 records project, SQL Server 2000, Pentium 1700MHz).
  • Database independent. You can populate Microsoft SQL Server database as well as Oracle or PostgreSQL database. DTM Data Generator supports all common database interfaces: ODBC, IDAPI, OLE DB, or even Oracle Call Interface.

JavaScript Validator:

“JsTester allows validation of javaScript code inside java. It provides a group of assert methods like JUnit’s Assert, it also supports the validations described in, and the ability to use your own validations (unary & binary predicates).”

Web Functional Test:

“AdventNet QEngine is a complete automated testing tool for functional testing, performance testing, web services testing and regression testing of web applications and web services. ”

It has free edition with some interesting features.


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